Why you should find a Naturopathic Doctor in San Diego

Naturopathy or in other words, naturopathic medicine is an alternative method of treatment or healing mechanism that works in sync with the natural ability of the human body to heal all by itself. Understandably, a doctor who practices naturopathy is called a naturopathic physician doctor.

The fundamental tenet of these doctors is to carry out diagnosis and treatment with the help of these naturopathic medicines in such a way that side effects are kept at bay and the treatment does not cause any harm to the patient whatsoever. The method of treatment might be at times, long but since the ailments are scooped right out of the root, there is hardly any chance of the ailment recurring.

Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathy carried out by these naturopaths take the help of various types of treatment and avenues of mental as well as physical healing. They take help of homeopathy, various types of medicinal herbs, homeopathy, and various types of herbs, chiropractic, counseling, nutrition, yoga, acupuncture, relaxation therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, and many more. You will find a few naturopathic doctors who are ably trained in using various diagnostic imaging, blood tests, and ultrasound. However, these San Diego medical practitioners refrain from using synthetic drug, any type of surgery or any other methods as part of their treatment procedure.

At times you will find two types of naturopathic medical practitioners – Traditional and Contemporary Naturopathic Doctors. While the traditional doctors carry out absolutely traditional ways of treatment the contemporary ones take care of revised or latest methods of naturopathic treatment that a patient in question might need.

Now let us see the difference between a conventional doctor and a naturopathic physician doctor.
– These doctors will look forward to incorporate as well as encourage the physiological healing
– Treatment methods followed by these doctors are unique and the method varies depending upon the type of ailment and the gravity of the situation.
– They generally look for the underlying or the root cause behind a condition and treat it in such a way that the ailment is eliminated right from its root. These doctors do not simply treat the symptoms but the cause behind them.
– The process of treatment followed by these doctors always put most emphasis on the entire individual in question and hi/her body but not just the affected region. For example, Bioidentical hormone therapy deals with the entire hormonal structure of the body instead anything else.

One of the biggest experts in the field is Dr Adrienne Stewart.

Naturopathic treatment principles deal with treating diseases and at the same time with the promotion of consciousness about good health. These professionals would listen to the case history of the patient and understand & analyze the issue in a thorough way. These medical practitioners always look at a wider spectrum when it comes to assessing the problems of the patients and unlike the conventional doctors who emphasize more on treating the symptoms rather than the underlying reasons behind them.

You will find a lot of these doctors these days and you need to find out the best of them taking into account the amount of experience the practitioner has under his/her belt and the amount of patients base he/she has.

Among the general public, there’s a big misconception about alternative medicine. Many people use the terms “naturopathic” and “homeopathic” interchangeably, as if they were the same thing. To the practitioners, nothing could be farther from the truth. Naturopathic and homeopathic practices are two very different ways of interpreting the field of alternative medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine is Based on Nature.

Simply put, naturopathic medicine is based entirely on treating a patient’s symptoms in as natural a way as possible. Drugs and invasive procedures, such as surgery, are openly shunned in favor of holistic techniques that aim to heal the patient completely. Different kinds of naturopathic methods include acupuncture, massage therapy, applied kinesiology and rolfing. Naturopathic medicine casts a wide net.

Naturopathic Medicine is Accepted by the Mainstream.

Naturopathic medicine has made many strides as a respected form of treatment for a wide variety of maladies. For instance, massage therapy has been unilaterally agreed on as a pain reliever and relaxant. It’s also excellent for stimulating blood flow and promoting important bodily functions. Chelation therapy has been proven effective against atherosclerosis, a condition that can thicken artery walls with an overabundance of white blood cells.

San Diego Naturopathy Encourages Good Habits.

Naturopathic treatments also are used as preventative measures to improve one’s health. They include increasing intake of sunshine, which provides Vitamin D to your body. Vegetarian diets are also often encouraged, as they’re known to provide more nutrients than eating habits full of meat. The physicians at Nourish Medical Center – naturopathic doctors in San Diego also encourage a healthy exercise regiment, to keep patients physically fit.

Psychological treatments are also under the naturopath san diego umbrella. They include meditation and relaxation techniques and completely revolve around managing stress.

Homeopathic Medicine Targets the Symptom Precisely.

Homeopathic medicine is the art of, essentially, fighting the disease with the disease. It’s based off of the theory that the substances that cause symptoms of a sickness in healthy people will cure a disease when administered to a sick person. Homeopathic medicines incorporate not only animal and plant material, but synthetic substances as well, setting it apart from naturopathic medicines.

Giving a patient a substance that causes the very disease they have can make them sicker, though. Therefore, homeopathic medicines evolved through the method of diluting said toxic substances, in order for the patient to safely ingest them.

Homeopathic medicine has also inspired isopathic therapy, or the art of using elements of a disease to cure it. It also inspired homeoprophylaxis, which is used as an alternative to preventing infectious diseases. For a full in depth explanation of Naturopathy visit Wikipedia.

But Homeopathic Doctors Also Take Everything Into Account.

Homeopathic consultations consist of the practitioner assessing the patient’s history. Much like with naturopathic practitioners, they factor in mental and emotional well being as much as physical health. From there, the homeopathic doctor constructs a formula and creates a remedy that is designed specifically to treat all of the patient’s symptoms, using all of the patient’s background as a guide in creating the remedy.

Select Whatever Method Works For You.

Alternative medicine is a complex field and it’s easy to get confused and get led astray with the different kind of treatments offered. Be sure to do research on what naturopathic and homeopathic professionals are providing before you commit to a treatment.